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Happy Bornday keding
Farah Nur Afiah Binti Noor Ihsan
28 October 1994

On your Birthday today

I wish you a year with loads of fun
excitement and beautiful memories.
Happy birthday.

*You are a good friend and and even better person. May Allah bless you with wonderful times ahead.
*I wish for you to have people to love , people in your life who will care about you as much as I do. 
*Thanks for the friendship we share :)
*Happy birthday -----> again :P

The path :) 
Form1 kenal - Form2 kawan - Form3 geng - Form4 sekelas - Form5 Iloveyou 

Akan datang ? Kawan smpai mati ok ?
Goodluck In SPM sayang :>

Sorry kalau ada terkasar kelakuan dengan kau , kalau takat romen tuh tadak hal kan ? :P hihihihihi 
sayang kau faghah ! will miss our moments macam vavii (y)


My name is NynaRoslan, 18 yrs old, Kbye.

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