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Tag From RyAzuin & Fatin Faziera :) Tenkiu pretty :3


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11 things about me:

  1. Nyno nyno nyno ----> the name given by my old friend , Fatin Nadia. I miss her ! yes I miss her. Lol my twitter name is Nynorsln :3 but I prefer to be called as Nyna :)
  2. I love my family because they're so mean. Especially my mom <: Iloveher because she is very understanding
  3. I love my friends --->  You guys are amazing ! Yess ! Ilovemagals. Not to forget my cheras saujana and btho frnds. They're apples of my eyes ! muah muah :*
  4.  Easily close with everyone , take a note ! Don't judge me macam langsi ok ? 
  5. Math ? Haiyaaa I am weak in mathematics #factsaboutme but but but but I love circle and equation :D hihihihihi
  6. Cadbury ? My all-time faveghet chocolate hikhuk :P fatty gal booo meeeee ~
  7. I've 5 siblings ------> 4 brothers O.o can make me dizzy like a abcdefuck.
  8. Farah was the one who said me heartless hahahah act Im not :P
  9. Friendly ? Easy to laugh ? Yes It's me :>
  10. People make mistakes , as well as me. Pardon me if I hurt your heart
  11. And last I love Sopiah so much. Tenkiu fr alwys there by my side :}

RyAzuin's question
  1. Last time you were sick? : I am sick rite now -.- headache dushhhhh. Anyone pleasee cabut my head :P
  2. Your weirdest talent? : Uhmmm buat mata juling bnyak kali and cabut bulu hidung guna sepit rambut XD
  3. What do you want to wish for? : I wish I can get a lot of A's in SPM and yess I hope I get an offer to the UITM ! InsyaAllah amin :D
  4. Does you love anyone? : Yess actually I love people who loved me
  5. Does anyone love you? : Me dunno hiwhiwhiw. Ouh haa ma family wewitt ~  
  6. Do you cry easily? : Depends -.- 
  7. What do you want right now? : I want to be diligent ohaiii 
  8. What do you think about haters? : haters ? Let them condemn , take it as a compliment to be better than them. Stay strong (:
  9. Lil Wayne or Eminem? :
  10. Is this funny? : No , I enjoy this >,<
  11. What's your full name? Haha : Nur Amanina Binti Zainol Roslan

Fatin's question
  1. Where the place you met your boyfriend? : Sorry I have no boyfriend (:  
  2. Twitter or Facebook. What would you choose? : Forsure TWITTAH !
  3. Make one wish. : I wish I can get 5/straight A's in my SPM and get an offer to the University InsyaAllah amin.
  4. One thing that you know about me. : You're pretty (: hihi
  5. Do you love your boyfriend haha? : other questions ?
  6. What are you wearing right now? : Batik sarung and Tee
  7. Do you have a crush? : Dunno dunno dunno
  8. Are you still thinking about your ex bf? : No time to think about him
  9. The things that you never forget to bring? : Phone , license , money and his nametag 
  10. The best present ever you had. : Telekung frm mama and X3-02 frm Along. Oh yaaa a suprise birthday party 
  11. Is your exboyfriend's girlfriend fine with you? : Yupppppp !
My Question Is

  1. Have you ever fight with your bestfriend? :
  2. What do you know about love? :
  3. Have you ever sulk with your mother? Why? :
  4. One thing you know about ur crush/partner? : 
  5. Your views on women and handbags? :
  6. If you are angry, what are the things that can relieve your anger? :
  7. Your nickname? Who gave? :
  8. Iphone or bb? :
  9. If you're a mother , what would you do? :
  10. 5 of your favorite food? :
  11. 5 items are always there in your handbag? :
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My name is NynaRoslan, 18 yrs old, Kbye.

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