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Hello and goodmorning all
I'm Nyna Rocelan and at ths time I was in the Bistro Restaurant. Nahh me dont knw the name of ths restaurant but it is located in Alam Damai , Cheras :p

Me me was with my bradah and their frnds. Ada Syafiq , Syahid , Reza and his brotha. Nahh tak kenal pun. Syafiq je I kenal -..- cause masa I kecik kecik dulu dia selalu beli kan ice-cream :D hikhik he said me me cute hehe. Long time no see bhaii ! about 5 or 6 years lama kan tak jumpa omg omg jumpa balik -____- 

- so nao I was so sleepy zzzz"
-  Almost 5 hours I was here with my smelly face -..- 
- I felt very dizzy
- Angah bought panadol and warm milo
- I update my blog using Angah's 
- They're still there
- Me me alone ~.~

Nr , bye

My name is NynaRoslan, 18 yrs old, Kbye.

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