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Posted Friday, 6 May 2011 ♥ 1:51 am ♥ 0 say Hello(s)

Aku rasa happy bila diorang semua cakap diorang SAYANG aku. They know me well. Aku sihat or tak dorg tahu. Aku sakit or tak dorg tahu. Aku moody or tak pun dorang tahu jugak ;) Its hard to find superduperclassmates like em but yeay me cause I met them. In 2010 till May 2011. We making a jokes together. Laugh and fart like crazy peeps plus we love each other mweheheh ;3 sounds gedik ? Idc wootwoot. Hahaha. Ilaffmybabes and yeah I really laff em. They're the BEST among the best hihi ;> 

Kay enuff to say that I really care bout my new world. I wanna be the MOST adorable girl in my class. Hihi cool aite ? Kay bye


My name is NynaRoslan, 18 yrs old, Kbye.

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