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Mrs. Anita Yusoff , Happy Birthday :) 

I’m soooo happy you’re my Mum
And soooo I want to say
I love you , Mum and wish you
A soooo very best birthday

A Mom gives hope
When life is low
A Mom's a place
Where you can go
A Mom is honest
A Mom is true
A Mom is precious
My Mom is You

Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday , Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to YOU

I find myself wondering
Did I give you your due
For all that you've done for me
Did I ever thank you?

For all of my childhood memories
For helping me deal with life's stresses
For helping me accept my defeats
And celebrate my successes?

Or for teaching me the value of hard work,
Good judgement, courage, and being true
The laughter, smiles, and quiet times we've shared
Did I ever thank you? 

If I have forgotten, I'm thanking you now
You taught me right from wrong
I hope you know how much you're loved and appreciated
I hope you, instinctively, knew all along.
Happy Birthday Mum <3


There are times when only a Mother's love
Can understand our tears ,
And soothe our disappointments
And calm away our fears ,
There are times when only a Mother's love
Can share the joy we feel :)
When something we have dreamed about
Suddenly is real. 
There are times when only a Mother's love
Can help us on life's way
And inspire in us, the confidence
We need from day to day.
Mama , thank you for your heart , faith and hope
And all your steadfast love
You were fashioned by the Angels
And sent from God above.
and AGAIN :D
Happy Birthday Mom !

Mama , I LOVE YOU SHOOO MUCH ! No one can replace your place in my HEART ! Hee ;"> seriously maaa , Iloveyou. Mama , you're the best best and BEST :') 

Thanks for being my best friend , hihi :"> I really appreciate it 

Dear Mrs Anita , I love you like gedik gedik ;p


My name is NynaRoslan, 18 yrs old, Kbye.

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